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Handmade Ceramic Hearts

$ 150.00

We designed this fundraiser to help us get back on our feet and send a message of love.

Here’s how it works:
For a donation of $150 (which goes directly to our operations budget), you receive THREE hand-made ceramic hearts.

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The PURPLE heart is from us as a loving thank you for your support, your generosity, and your kindness.

The PINK heart can be given to anyone you would like. This heart will have a little note tied to it that can be redeemed for a 4-week art class. The average cost of a class is about $150 for a 4-week session which includes all the materials. In other words, you are gifting an art experience and the love you get by taking one of our classes.

The RED heart is an important and special one. We ask that you give this heart to a total stranger. This might be difficult for some people, but that is why we attached a little note with each heart. This note will read: “I just wanted you to know you are loved by someone, and I wanted to share my heart with you.”  Maybe you will see someone having a hard day, or another over-worked healthcare provider, or the weary person at the checkout line, or a waiter in your favorite restaurant. Or, you can just leave it for someone to find.

Our hope with this program is that you will help us spread the love. We need to show the world that there is still a lot of love to give!