The Masterpiece Collection

Micah Ramos

I’m an Arts and Technology major at California State San Marcos. My parents implemented traditional art at an early age for me, but I’m currently learning more about digital media. I also enjoy other creative outlets such as playing instruments and cultivating cuisine.

Lynn Centeno

Art and design have always been my passion, but I only learned to paint once I retired and moved to the desert. I belong to the Coachella Watercolor Society and recently co-founded “Outside the Lines”, a women’s based support group for artists in La Quinta.

Emily Kincaid

Born in Erie PA, I moved to Detroit MI where I became a Police Officer until an on duty critical car accident ended my career. Rehabilitation and physical therapy brought me to La Quinta where I fell in love with the architecture and colors which inspired me to rediscover painting.

Darlene Wilkerson

I am inspired and enthused by the diverse and colorful cultures, societies and people among whom I have lived and worked during three decades overseas. Subject, color, and methods rooted in vibrancy and joy of the world are expressed in my art including batik, textiles, and abstract colorful paintings.

Sally McKenna

Even though it seems odd to have art & bottle caps in the same sentence, this is my art medium of choice. I am using a no longer needed item that would otherwise end up in the trash. My inventory, donated by friends & bars, is stashed in many containers in my studio…waiting to be sorted.

Nettie Roberts

As a former math/science teacher, I have an appreciation of nature and the wonders that surround us. I find beauty in natural gemstones, pearls, and fibers. I use them to create my jewelry, textiles and wearable art. To quote Oscar Wilde, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”.

Annie-Alex Nathenson

I work in recycled ceramic tiles, porcelain shards, vintage jewelry and found objects d’art. I apply each piece to a ceramic pot to create a mosaic design. I then finish it with a grout sealer and it’s ready to adorn your home or patio.

Joan MacPherson

An impressionist and plein air artist for the past 25 years Joan’s vibrant use of color and dimensional form reach out to the viewer. Working in the mediums of both oil and acrylic her paintings can be found in numerous collections including the private collection of the founding families of Garmin GPS and Pennzoil.

Kelly Walter

I am a Multi Media and Fused Glass artist who works from my home studio in La Quinta. I enjoy the challenges of “hot glass” and creating unique pieces. I am fascinated with the possibilities of melting and reworking glass in the kiln and experimenting with interesting techniques.

Mary Ann Collins

My art has always been inspired by my extensive travels and the life experiences they offer. Other cultures, people, the human body, animals and nature have always influenced my various two and three-dimensional art. My mediums include drawing, painting, printmaking, metals, fibers, woods, jewelry making, and ceramics

Laura Jacobs

I love to sculpt and to paint with pastels. I have been creating art for over 40 years and have been in shows in Colorado, Florida, and California. I feel that tapping inner emotions is achieved through art. Art is for everyone no matter what age of what level of experience.

Debra Norby

I was commissioned to create a sculpture for President Reagan and his wife and it is now in the permanent collection at the White House. My awards include the Individual Fellowship Award and the Artist-In-Residence at Oregon School of Arts & Crafts, Bullseye Glass, & Contemporary Arts Gallery.

Janice Romersa

In my youth, I attended Chouinard Art Institute and Art Center in Los Angeles. While I later went on to explore other interests I always hoped to someday return to my art. After raising a family, I retired to La Quinta where I discovered OTAS and immediately fell in love with the facility and the incredible people involved with the studio.

Karin Felker Harris

In addition to teaching at The Old Town Artisan Studio, I am active with the La Quinta Women Artists Group, The Desert Art Center and the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society where I was honored to receive an award at their annual exhibit. Artistic curiosity with color and light has always been my inspiration.

Mona Kadah

I am revisiting art and painting with water colors. I graduated from Art High School in Damascus where I fell in love with Ajami art, a decorative art technique with elaborate designs and patterns executed on woodwork using gesso. An example is on display at the Damascus Room at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Vic Adams

I am a retired middle school teacher who lives in Palm Springs. I have taken a few classes painting with acrylics, oils, and watercolors in the last few years. I started in the “pour art” medium last year and have created a small local following.

Cindy Eickman

I am a retired elementary and middle school PE teacher. In the past six years, I have taken many art classes such as jewelry making, ceramics, felting, acrylic painting and pours. I am enjoying exploring and expanding my creativity through art.

Karyn Lynn Gilman

I have had a lifelong interest in the arts, beginning my calligraphic studies in the early 1970’s in Massachusetts. For fifteen years, I edited and published the Letter Arts Review, an international journal. I moved to the desert three years ago and am now ready to begin a new phase in my artistic endeavors.

Diana Schafer

I have been painting since 1980 starting in watercolor and switching to oils 12 years ago. I reside in Bozeman, Montana and love the west, it’s landscapes and the people. I hope you will enjoy my gift of love from Montana.

Malei Young

For me the act of painting is a scared and meditative practice. It requires that I step into the studio willing to be open and to listen to what the creative universe has in store for that day. This approach is the essence of my work.

Tess Lielle Cranford

I was born in La Quinta and am currently a student. I have always been a lover of art and enjoy experimenting with new mediums. Pastel painting is my present focus. I have participated in several local art shows displaying everything from poetry, watercolor, acrylics and multi-media sculpture.

Tina Escobar

I am a California native and have been a resident of La Quinta since 2000. I discovered my love of painting in preschool. I learned my art form primarily through independent study, which I continue today. Art is my passion and my desire is to inspire as an art instructor.

Tomasso Biondi

I am a resident of La Quinta and studied texture and color as an apprentice to my father, Quintino, who was a textile craftsman in Italy. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, absorbing the essence of numerous cultures, and adapting to new ways of envisioning art.

Jim Allen

I have been taking pictures all my life for family and friends. Originally from New Mexico, my wife and I began coming to La Quinta over forty years ago and moved here permanently in 2014. When taking photos I focus mainly on landscapes and families.

Donna Taylor

My work has been represented by many galleries and my recent move to Palm Desert has been an inspiration after conducting Plein Air Painting workshops and studio classes in the San Francisco Bay area. I now enjoy the experience of meeting new art lovers while maintaining treasured connections with past students.

Judith George

A creative person on a quest to learn and create. For me, art is like life, layers upon layers, some seen, others waiting to be discovered. I am currently in love with all expressions of mixed media and encaustic wax.

Carol Reichman

Hailing from Vail, Colorado, where I still spend the summer and fall seasons, I am inspired by the beautiful Aspens of the Rockies. I love the ethereal nature of painting with watercolor.

De Karlen

I am a nature and architectural photographer with publications in magazines including Architectural Digest, HOME, NY Times, and Garden Design. I enjoy exploring the canyons, foothills, waterfalls, and meadows of California’s desert region, Yosemite, & Hawaii. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America & Women in Photography International.

Bill Erickson

I started working with glass in 1969 and in 2001 I bought my first kiln and began fusing. After retiring in 2005 I moved to Palm Springs where I spend time at my home studio playing with different techniques in fused glass. I am an avid Scuba Diver and I teach fused glass classes.

Lizzie LaDue

Ellen Villas

I am a ceramicist who recently moved to La Quinta from Los Angeles and I currently take classes at The Old Town Artisan Studios.

Barbara Meeks

I have painted in oils most of my life. In retirement, my husband and I frequently travel and I found oils difficult to carry. I tried watercolors and this is one of my favorites. I painted this piece as we sailed Anguilla, St. Martins, and St. Barts.

Joe Maurer

I retired from Kyocera in 2004 and decided to take photography. I am particularly inspired by flora and insect life. I challenge myself to shoot right and void digital manipulation.

Jeanine Maurer

I have been painting for years. Starting out in San Diego with oils in the 70’s and dabbling in pastels during that same time period. In 1989, I started painting with acrylics and fell in love with them. In the early 90’s I started teaching acrylics and have been doing so ever since.

Patty Nichols

I am a mixed media artist that lives in La Quinta.

Gideon Cohn

The figure has always been a source of inspiration to me. It’s ever changing shapes, colors, and lines have been a stimulus in my figurative art and became my conduit to the beauty of sensuality.

Melody Cohn

I evolved from acrylics and batick to painting with watercolors on canvas. I am a spiritual woman that for years have been following inspiration. A master artist taught me the watercolor on canvas techniques and I have been exploring ever since.

Elaine Reynolds

I have been designing and producing jewelry for more than 20 years. I credit my father for my creativity and lifelong fascination with gemstones. To improve my talent, I have taken classes at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica.

Mark Stephenson

I am a classically trained photographic artist. I have a passion for light, natural form, and devotion to following the artist process, wherever it leads. My art is a celebration of common forms and how our miraculous minds create “reality” from visual perceptions.

Joanna Schachowska

I was born and began my work in Poland, where I created illustrations and book covers for local and international magazines, publishers and paintings for private collectors. After relocating Joshua Tree area a few years ago, I became inspired by the magic of my new surroundings and added yet another medium to my creative palette–ceramics.

Celina Valdez

A La Quinta resident, painting and photography are what I specialize in. My education in art includes years of study at CalArts, Otis/Parson School of Design, ASU, and College of the Desert.