The Masterpiece Collection 2019

Janice Osborne

Janice Osborn is a glass artist living in La Quinta. She started her career in the late 1970’s doing Stained Glass. About 15 years ago she decided to broaden her glass knowledge using the kiln to fuse and manipulate glass. Each piece is handcrafted and takes several days to complete.

Mary Ann Collins

Mary Ann has always been inspired by her extensive travels and the life experiences they offer. Other cultures, people, the human body, animals and nature have always influenced her various two and three-dimensional art. Her mediums include drawing, painting, printmaking, metals, fibers, woods, jewelry making, and ceramics.

Nettie Roberts

As a former math/science teacher, Nettie Roberts has an appreciation of nature and the wonders that surround us. She finds beauty in natural gemstones, pearls, and fibers and uses them to create jewelry, textiles and wearable art. To quote Oscar Wilde, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”.

Karen Sheppard

Karen’s passion is decorative art with a particular interest in folk art. She has enjoyed this naïve art form for over 30 years. Karen’s ornaments were selected for the White House Christmas Tree, the Vice President’s office, and the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian. Angels, people, & animals are her favorite subject.

Lori Dominguez

Lori has lived in the Coachella Valley all her life and has been a volunteer at Old Town Artisan Studios for ten years. Lori loves taking pictures of our desert wildlife and playing with clay.

Jim Allen

Jim has been taking pictures all of his life for family and friends. Originally from New Mexico, Jim and his wife began coming to La Quinta over forty years ago and moved here permanently in 2014. When taking photos he focuses mainly on landscapes and families.

Tess Lielle Cranford

Tess was born in La Quinta and is currently a student. For her, art is really about a feeling that stirs within when you look at it. Tess wants to extend beauty to people and give them a moment where they fully feel and not think.

Polly Lunetto

Polly Lunetto is a Mixed-media artist living in La Quinta, California. Her artwork is often a reflection of a woman’s journey through life. Everything she creates serves as a tangible means of bringing hope, comfort, encouragement, inspiration, love, and celebration through imagery, symbols, colors and words.

Judith George

Judith is a creative person on a quest to learn and create. For her, art is like life, layers upon layers, some seen, others waiting to be discovered. She is currently in love with all expressions of mixed media and encaustic wax.

Angelica Guajardo

Angelica is an Expressive Art Psychotherapist in the desert. This piece was painted as a collaborative effort by several art therapists specifically for The Old Town Artisan Studios Miniature Masterpiece show.

Dona Vanden Heuvel

Dona was introduced to pottery fifty years ago as a potter’s apprentice in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She strives for beauty and functionality in her pottery.  It is delicate with attention to detail as expressed by her wheel thrown miniature vases.  She is a co-founder of Silica Studios in Palm Springs.

Carol Reichman

Carol is from Vail, Colorado, where she still spends the summer and fall seasons. She is inspired by the beautiful Aspens of the Rockies. Carol loves the ethereal nature of painting with watercolor.

Colby Cramer

Colby is a ceramic artist originally from Redlands, CA. He began his ceramics journey in 2004. Colby’s work focuses on alternative firing techniques and sculptural forms. He is currently an instructor at Old Town Artisan Studios.

Pamela Hallam

Pamela studied at the Laguna Beach School of Art. Her style is minimalistic expressions of animal or human qualities in nature. Her approach is re-processing of the original art process, distorting optical-realist forms and boundaries with the use of vivid optical-dramatic contrasting colors.

Karin Felker Harris

In addition to teaching at The Old Town Artisan Studio, Karin is active with the La Quinta Women Artists Group, The Desert Art Center and the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society where she was honored to receive an award at their annual exhibit. Artistic curiosity with color and light has always been her inspiration.

Diane Morgan

Diane envisions a painting in almost everything she sees. She likes to take ordinary subjects and enhance the perception of what we take for granted in our daily lives. Each day a new inspiration unleashes her creativity. Diane starts the process but the paint takes charge leading to exhilarating, often unintended outcomes.

Ellen Kimmel

Ellen is a La Quinta ceramicist that teaches at Trilogy Creative Art Studio and is a sculpture student at Old Town Artisan Studios. In addition to clay, Ellen experiments  with textile art.

Vicki Marcinko

Vicki is a watercolor & acrylic artist with a love for portraiture. Vicki lives in La Quinta at Trilogy Country Club.

Diana Shafer

Diana’s esthetic was influenced by many years as a Montanan. Now living in Washington state, her current work was inspired by a Jack Olson photograph.

Janis Swalwell

Janis Swalwell has been working in glass for 50 years. Janis and Robert Adamson create hand blown glass bowls, vases, platters and a unique line of art glass lighting. Their studio, Island Art Glass, is located in Whidbey Island in Washington State.

Debra Short

Deborah lives in Whidbey Island and has been painting off and on for the last 20 years. Her work is often a collaboration with the client, designing the right art, for a certain space, with the best outcome. She enjoys working out of her comfort zone to create something she never imagined possible.

Debra Caruthers

Debra has been an artisan since 1990 working with textiles such as Soft Structure Dolls, Tole Painting,  Ceramics, & her current business “Deb’s Chic Jewelry” featuring Gemstone Jewelry and much more.  She is an award winning artist in Jewelry and Cross Stitch.  Currently teaching at Trilogy Creative Art Studio.

Debra Norby

Debra’s work includes a commissioned sculpture for President Reagan and his wife that is now in the permanent collection at the White House. Her awards include the Individual Fellowship Award and the Artist-In-Residence at Oregon School of Arts & Crafts, Bullseye Glass, & Contemporary Arts Gallery.

Emily Kincaid

Emily loves the fun colors, sleek lines, and interesting accents of mid-century architecture, furniture, and art. She uses maple wood, a scroll saw and other tools to make subjects. They are then painted them with acrylics, fabrics & paper and protected with a polyurethane spray and assembled in her La Quinta studio.

Callahan McVay

Callahan’s studio is located in what was once a fire station in Langley, Washington. His studio and gallery is 3,000 square feet and has hundreds of visitors per year, with Callahan offering the glass blowing experience as well as an opportunity to purchase original glass art.

Laura Jacobs

Laura sculpts and paints with pastels. She has been creating art for over 40 years and has been in shows in Colorado, Florida, and California. Laura feels that tapping inner emotions is achieved through art. Art is for everyone no matter what age or level of experience.

Maria Morales


Christine Houser

Christine is a photographer, multi-media collage artist, and painter living in Palm Desert, Ca.

Henriette Heiney

Henriette was born in Germany and studied at the University of Cologne and German Sports University. She came to the United States In 1974 and from 1975 to 2008 she was a faculty member at the University of Oregon. Since her retirement she has been engaged in art production, primarily painting.

Kelly Walter

Kelly is a Multi Media and Fused Glass artist who works from her home studio in La Quinta. She enjoys the challenges of “hot glass” and creating unique pieces Kelly is fascinated with the possibilities of melting and reworking glass in the kiln and experimenting with interesting techniques.

Sandra Ripp

Sandra was born in Brunico, Italy to a family of artists. Her father, Toni Lazzari, was a prolific painter and her grandfather, Salvatore Lazzari, was a sculpture whose work now resides in the Vatican. Sandra moved to the Palm Springs area in 1999 and has been inspired by the natural beauty and mystery of the desert.

Doriel Wyler

Doriel is a self taught artist whose main focus is on oversized paintings. Her medium of choice is Abstract Acrylic. Doriel has had her work featured at the La Quinta Museum 5 times.

Shay Nadler

Born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York near Woodstock, Shay has always had a love for art and creating.  She attended Ventura Community College in the 1970’s where she took her first Sculpting class.  Shay had not taken the time or opportunity to pursue art until she found Old Town Artisan Studio.

Moose Allain

World of Moose is a creative partnership between Moose Allain, artist, cartoonist and prolific tweeter and Karen who runs the business side of things. They live and work by the sea in Devon, England.

Tina Escobar

Tina is best known for her vibrant imaginative art. She creates with acrylics, oil paints and watercolors. Her inspiration comes from nature and how she sees the world in vivid color. She loves sharing her experience by teaching art to kids and adults of all ages, and inspiring new artists.

Michelle Cullen

Michelle is an artist born and raised in La Quinta, CA. She studied illustration at Laguna College of Art & Design and studied Glass Blowing with Gavin Heath & Marcus Theasing. Michelle taught at the Sawdust Festival from 2016 to 2019 and is currently teaching at Old Town Artisan Studios.

Lynne Tucker

Lynne is a photographer living in the Coachella Valley who always had an eye for photography. “My camera is my friend. Anywhere I go there will always be something to photograph especially here in the desert.”

Ivanna Diaz Hansen

Ivanna Hansen attended the University of California in Riverside on a full scholarship and graduated with a B.A. in Studio Arts in 2014. Her emphasis is in installation, sculpture, and makeup artistry. In 2015, she interned with costume designer Nancy Bernal. Ivanna is now an instructor at Old Town Artisan Studios.

Mona Kadah

Mona is revisiting art and painting with watercolors. She graduated from Art High School in Damascus where she fell in love with Ajami art, a decorative art technique with elaborate designs and patterns executed on woodwork using gesso. An example of her work is on display at the Damascus Room at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Johnathan & Jandellyn

Have been creating handmade home & garden art since 1997. Their studio is located north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. They create their pieces from new and recycled steel, which they cut, grind, and form into components to weld together.

Jason and Nicole