As we all stay at home, doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, many services we once took for granted are now painfully missing from our lives. There are too many to count, but we at Old Town Artisan Studios are trying to help when it comes to art.

Specifically, we want to help kids who no longer have art classes offered by their schools. Homeschooling a child is never easy, and art often falls to the wayside in favor of pushing through math and English topics. But we believe art is an essential part of a child’s education.

So, to help with the lack of art at home, Old Town Artisan Studios is donating Art2Go kits to local families in need.

Kits will include materials for a range of art classes and will differ depending on the availability of materials. To start, we plan on making kits to cover three types of art classes: acrylic, watercolor, and ceramic painting. Each kit will include all the necessary materials (including paints, paintbrushes, and paper/ceramic), so each child can create their own mini-masterpiece.

These kits are being distributed for free to kids in need. To date our distribution has been through food shelters and schools. The cost ranges from $2.75 to $3.25 for each kit depending on the materials. For a donation of $10 you will supply 3 kits to 3 kids of the Coachella Valley. We appreciate every donation we receive whether it is $10 or $1,000 – it all goes to serve our community.

Bisque Kits (ceramic cut outs)
6 or 8 pods of color
1 handmade ceramic item to paint
1 paint brush

Painting Kits
6 pods of color
1 canvas – sizes based on availability
1 Paint brush

Clay – sculpture kits
20g of pliable clay that air-dries to a rigid, durable and hard finish. No kiln or heat baking is required. Sculptures can be sanded, varnished and painted after drying.

Watercolor Kits
8 pods of color
1 pad of paper – up to 30 sheets
1 paint brush