As we all stay at home, doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, many services we once took for granted are now painfully missing from our lives. There are too many to count, but we at Old Town Artisan Studios are trying to help when it comes to art.

Specifically, we want to help kids who no longer have art classes offered by their schools. Homeschooling a child is never easy, and art often falls to the wayside in favor of pushing through math and English topics. But we believe art is an essential part of a child’s education.

To help with the lack of art at home, Old Town Artisan Studios is currently donating Art To-Go kits to local families in need.

Usually, we either create or purchase most of our supplies, but in this unique time, we are seeking donations. Old Town Artisan Studios intends to deliver 6,000 art kits a month to kids in need, but those supplies add up quickly.

It may seem minor, but we are in need of small bags, tissue paper, and other seemingly inconsequential materials. Plus, we always accept donations of art supplies.

Please check back with us periodically because our supply list might change. Currently, we are seeking donations of the following:

  • Bags (preferably small, gift-size bags with handles to help minimize surface contact)
  • Tissue sheets (to wrap breakable items in the kits)
  • Small sketchbooks or pads of artist drawing paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Additionally, we would love to hear your IDEAS!

If you have 2,000-3,000 items sitting around that you think would make a great art project, then we need to talk! Even if you’re unsure whether it would work for us, please reach out. We have extremely creative people on our staff, and you’d be surprised what we can come up with!

Please reach out at or call 760-777-1444.

Although every donation is important to us, please keep in mind the quantities we are working with. When our studios are open for classes again, we will be happy to accept one-off art supplies. But for the duration of the pandemic, we ask that your donations of supplies are a minimum of 150-250 pieces.