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Studio Policies


  • All classes, workshops and private events require full payment upon registration.
  • We do not offer partial enrollment, drop-ins or pro-rated sessions.
  • If you miss a class, there are no make-up classes available.
  • When an item/class is in your cart online, the spot is not yours until payment is completed.
  • For ceramics classes, please read important updates in our Ceramic Studio Procedures below

Studio Rules & Safety Procedures

  • Always follow the lead and directions of your instructor.
  • Students will not load, unload or operate the pottery kilns.
  • Please keep long hair safely tucked and tied back.
  • Do not wear open-toed or open-heeled footwear in the studio.
  • Do not use any equipment without an instructor present (this excludes Adult Students with Open Studio Time privileges).
  • You are responsible for leaving the studio in a clean condition. Clean all tools and return them to where you found them.  Wipe down all workspaces and equipment you use.
  • Please be considerate of other student’s work. Don’t touch or move any clay project that does not belong to you. If you need to move a piece, please ask a staff member.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere within or immediately outside of Old Town Artisan Studios.
  • All work will be fired and ready for pick up approximately 2 weeks from the date they were created.
  • All completed work must be picked up from Old Town Artisan Studios no later than 30 days after the pieces are out of the kiln and the student has been notified. Old Town Artisan Studios is not responsible for any work left longer than 30 days. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up their work.

Important Note:  Please be respectful of your instructor’s time. They are here to instruct, assist, enlighten, and inspire! Please do not enter the classroom more than 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start, unless otherwise instructed. When your allotted class time has ended, please leave the classroom out of respect for the instructor’s time and responsibilities as there is lots to be done beyond your specific class. Many people often have a “quick question” for the instructor, and that time/those questions can add up quickly. We love to see curious and engaged students, but we would like to make sure the instructors have time to complete their work, eat in peace and ready themselves for the next set of excited and inquisitive students. Thank you for your understanding!

Cancellation Policy

Classes:  Cancellations must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of class in order to receive a full refund.  If cancellations are made less than 2 weeks before the start of class, refunds will only be issued if the seat is filled.  Once classes are in session, all fees are non-refundable.

Private Events: Should you need to cancel your birthday party or special event, please let us know 48 hours before the party start time in order to receive a full refund of your deposit. We cannot refund deposits for cancellations made after this time.

Ceramic Studio Procedures

Firing slips are the best way to keep projects organized and to make sure they don’t get lost. It is mandatory to complete your slips entirely, including the box with a drawing. This helps the kiln technician determine whom projects belong to when they become separated during the firing process. Slips that have missing information will not be fired, may get lost, and/or cause a delay in your work being finished. Let’s work together to make sure work gets fired in a timely manner!

As a student, you have 2 hours per week (starting from your first day of class) of studio time included with your class fee. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of for finishing work you started in class or for making new projects. You must sign in and out of studio time at the front reception desk. Studio time does not carry over from week to week. Students may purchase additional studio time at the discounted rate $8/hour. Additional time must be paid for on the day that it is used. Studio time is available by appointment only.
Please see the flyer below for times of open studio. Times maybe adjusted as we feel necessary. You may work in the clay studio, glaze room, or wheel room, unless the space is reserved for a class, workshop or private lessons, in which case you will be notified. Instructors are not available during studio time.
ACCESS TO CLAY DURING STUDIO TIME: You may find recycled clay in designated bins in both the wheel room and the main ceramics studio. If clay is low or you need a specific type of clay, please inform a staff member.

KEEP A CLEAN STUDIO. Devote the last 10 minutes of class to cleaning up. This also applies to studio time. Clean your workstation with a damp sponge and bucket of water (located by both sink areas). Students are responsible for thoroughly washing their tools and returning them to where they found them.
Do not leave tools to dry in sink area.

At the end of each class or studio time, you may place scraps of clay in the gray container (RECLAIM ∆5) between the wheel room and the larger ceramics classroom. DO NOT place the following clay types in the reclaim bin: Red, Brown, and EM-210 (Low Fire). The scraps then go through a de-airing process in the studio pug mill. We highly encourage students to wedge their scraps so it can become workable clay again.

Considering ceramics is a slow process, there may be a chance that extra work you create in the 3rd week will not be bisque fired by the time we glaze in the 4th week. In the event you have unfinished work, you have an additional 2 hours the following week to glaze remaining projects on your own time. Students will not be permitted to use studio time beyond this point unless they are enrolled in another class. New projects should not be made during the last week of class (4th week). For questions or concerns, please speak to your instructor.

Students must pay for the firing of work that has been made at home. Students are not permitted to take clay or other tools and supplies home with them. To work from home, students must purchase clay at the front desk. Pricing and availability of clay may vary. Please stop by the front desk for more information or to purchase clay.

All finished work will be located on the black shelf near the brown wooden door. You must pick up work within 30 days of having it glaze fired, otherwise it will become property of Old Town Artisan Studios. Please allow 7-14 days after final projects are completed before picking up your work.

Students are NOT allowed in the Kiln Room, Instructor Offices, Clay Closet, or Board Room.

Mission & Vision

We are dedicated to ensuring that art remains a vibrant part of the creative fabric of the Coachella Valley – from art in schools to lifelong learning.


The individuals we touch through art include families in need, kids in after-school programs, individuals with special needs, seniors and veterans.

Why We Serve

Art is both medicine and food for the soul. Our commitment is to making art available and accessible to all members of our community.

Board of Directors

Meet our dedicated board members that bring Old Town Artisan Studios and its mission to our beloved community.


Our 4-week classes allow students of all ages and levels to dive into the areas of Ceramics, Painting, Fused Glass, and more.


Try a one-day workshop to learn a new skill, test out a medium you are curious about, or simply have a good time!


Paint Your Own Pottery is a fun experience for all!  Choose from several ceramic items and paint to your heart's delight.

 Art Camp

Looking for a fun way to beat the heat? Join us for Summer Art Camp! A week-long camp for young artists, ages 7-15.

All Upcoming Events at Old Town Artisan Studios.

All Upcoming Events

A listing of all free and fee-based happenings at OTAS!

Gingerbread Lane at Old Town Artisan Studios

Gingerbread Lane

A fantastic community event for all to take part in holiday fun!

Color the World Gala 2023.

Color the World Gala

Join us for a spectacular evening of music, festivity & celebration

Miniature Masterpieces 2021

Mini Masterpiece

Art all 10x10x10 in. or smaller featured in our annual raffle.

Art of Music at Old Town Artisan Studios.

Art of Music

A monthly series featuring musicians from near and far.

Eggstravaganza at Old Town Artisan Studiosl.


An annual auction highlighting ceramic eggs by various artists.

Upcoming Events at Old Town Artisan Studios

Open Mic Night

A chance for all levels and ages to perform.

Upcoming Events at Old Town Artisan Studios

Gallery Shows

Visit the Leland Gallery featuring local artists.


With your valued support we are able bring art to our friends who need it most.


We need Ambassadors to help us spread the word about our work and mission.


Your time and skills are an incredibly important part of the work we do.  Come lend a hand!

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