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Open Mic Night

Join us for an evening of performances and
featured FOOD TRUCK – every third Monday of the month!

Calling all musicians, poets, comedians, songwriters, storytellers, and artists alike! Old Town Artisan Studios is hosting a monthly Open Mic Night with stage, PA, and host. Come and share with us every third Monday of the month from 6 to 8 pm in our beautiful outdoor courtyard. Practice your skills, gain confidence by performing in front of others in a supportive environment, and connect with and learn from other artists.

For All Levels & All Ages  –  Family Friendly  –  Support Local Artists  –  Perform for your Friends and Fans  –
Network with other Artists

Season Dates:

                       10/21, 11/18, 12/16, 1/20, 2,24, 3/17, 4/21

For more info, email [email protected] or call (760) 777-1444.


What kind of open mic is this?  The open mic is provided as a community gathering for all types of artists. Songwriters, Poets, Actors, Storytellers, Comedians as well as their friends, fans, supporters, and families–all are welcome.

Will there be food/drinks/alcohol?  Yes! We will have wine, beer, water, soda, and snacks for sale.

How do I sign up?  The sign-up sheet for performers opens 30 minutes before the open mic starts–please see the host upon arrival.

Can I sign up in advance?  No.

How long do I have to play?  Typically open mics allow for 2-3 songs. Aim for 10 min, but be prepared to cut it short if there are a lot of performers. If the list is light, you might be allowed more time–this is at the discretion of the host. Also, if you perform early and space allows you may be allowed a second time slot once we have cycled through the list.

What can/can’t I play?  Always check with the host if you are uncertain. Our goal is to keep the Open Mic high quality and family friendly. Obviously, no cursing or derogatory language is allowed. We are not trying to censor anyone but we need to keep it PG-13.  Please make sure your open mic set is prepared, rehearsed, and use your stage time to hone your craft and put on the best performance, for yourself and the audience!  All genres, styles, and mediums are fair game!

*Pre Recorded tracks, reading off a cell phone, and excessive improvising/noodling/experimenting are discouraged.

Do you have a guitar and/or amp for me to play?  No, but you can plug into the PA and we can mic an acoustic guitar. This is definitely a bring your own gear situation.

Is there someone who can back me up?  Maybe, and within reason, please see the host.

Can I perform without the mic and sound system?  If you are comfortable that way, then YES!

Can I bring in pre recorded tracks?  We would like to keep it “in the moment” and avoid turning it into a Karaoke night, so if a backing track is necessary please try to bring a high quality track that you have rehearsed with.

Can I bring my band or group?  Group yes, full band–probably not. We have a limited number of microphones, stage inputs, stage space, and time so please check with the host to see what is appropriate.

What kind of sound system?  We can usually provide 2 microphones on stands, 2 1/4” inputs, house speakers and a knowledgeable host who will help you get comfortable and dialed in.

I would like to be considered for a feature, who do I reach out to?  Please contact the host by email at [email protected]

Can I bring my dog?  No pets allowed at this time.

More questions? Please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you there!

Art has been used for centuries to help people express what they cannot put into words.

The Art of Music

Jam on the Rocks Productions proudly presents The Art of Music at Old Town Artisan Studios. Inspired by the mission of OTAS, this new series fuses musical performance with conversation, education, and storytelling. Each presentation will focus on an element of musical theory, history, genre or style by featuring expert musicians here to share their craft. Join us on the historic Old Town Artisan Studios campus and be swept up by the beautiful surroundings, engaging community, and world-renowned talent.  More info & tickets here!

Music Classes

The new Music Education Program at Old Town Artisan Studios will return soon! Classes will be offered in our standard 4-week sessions. We strive to bring the strength and healing power of music into the lives of all in our community. 

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