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DUO 2023

#25 Desert Dawning

Dean Keefer

Acrylic on Canvas

Known for his innovative style, Dean Keefer stands out for his sensitive approach to surfaces and creating intriguing textures. His artistry blends a layered figurative aesthetics with abstract expressionist elements, shaping his spontaneous work to resonate with universal emotions. He innovatively employs distinct color layering techniques using acrylics to create richly layered canvases. His fluid process yields deeply personal yet universally enganing artworks that bridges the gap between imagination and reality. Each work of art captures his journey through creation, alternating between dark and light, reflecting an internal struggle and a yearning for emotional release.
Dean Keefer’s creative career spans over 30 years. Raise on a cattle ranch in Montana, Dean searched for creative outlets and feel in love with painting. His work challenges societal norms and underscores the beauty in imperfection, embodying abstract expressions of freedom. Through his paintings, Dean Keefer unravels emotions spanning sadness, joy, and the longing for human connection, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of self-reflection and achievement.