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DUO 2023

#63 Untitled

Pamela Cary

Oil on Canvas

My lifelong passion has been creating pieces of beauty in many areas of arts and crafts. My first recollection of my artistic talent came in kindergarten when I was asked by my teacher to demonstrate for the class how to paint people.

Whether in the area of interior design, floral arranging, jewelry design, calligraphy, ceramics, chalkboard art or painting, I have always enjoyed putting attention to detail into all my work. My excellent hand-eye coordination was very helpful in my 44 years as a dental hygienist.

I love painting scenes from nature, especially from pictures I have taken during my travels. Some of my pieces are very detailed but having studied with Tom Brown, I also enjoy the impressionist style. My goal is to create pieces of art that bring lifelong pleasure to those who view them.