We are happy to announce our new Veterans Program. Due in part by a grant from the H. N. & Frances Berger Foundation, qualified veterans will be able to take art classes at a dramatically reduced cost. We will be providing weekly art classes that would include but are not limited to ceramics, fused glass, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and bisque painting to local and regional veterans. Each 2-hour class will meet once a week for a 4-week session.

Our first class is a hands on course where the student will paint their personalized stories through the medium of paint and found imagery. Various methods and techniques will be learned through the process of art making.

The program will run for six months in 2018/19. We are working with local veteran’s organizations to promote the programs. OTAS offer a 50% discount for participating veterans. A class that normally would be $30 per session will be $15 for Veterans. We will include active military as well.